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Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022

Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022


Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022The Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board is the latest result from the Varial Surf & Butch Customs collaborations. Shaped to mainta…

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Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022The Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board is the latest result from the Varial Surf & Butch Customs collaborations. Shaped to maintain a generous pop off the lip or face of the wave while still keeping a lively feel. The tip and tail feature a swallow feature to allow for a responsive ride and switch tracking. Hand shaped the Arc Wakesurfer has a more natural ride, blending in and out of boat wake. Just like previous shapes this wakesurfer will give you the lift for getting air without sacrificing any speed. Features Varial’s newest process for glassing boards called infused glass. Using a vacuum bagged process that produces a uniform laminate with a low resin count. Constructed with a Varial foam core adapted from advanced aerospace materials. The Varial foam makes the Arc 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a traditional PU blank with stinger. Boasting UV resistance, this board features Futures Fin Boxes, temperature tolerant materials and is made of aerospace grade construction, all right here in the USA!Product Details: USA Made – shaped and hand made in Ventura, CA; Polyester Resin; Epoxy Resin; Varial Foam Core; Quad Fin-Setup; UV Resistant; Specifications: Size: 4’4″; Fin Setup: Quad; Hyperlite Arc Construction Details: Varial Foam Core ; Varial foam is the world’s first high performance foam adapted from aerospace materials for surfboard construction. It is a new foam chemistry which focuses on improving the performance of the board’s core. The high modulus of Varial Foam makes it 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a PU blank with a stringer. The extremely tight cell structure and uniform density enhances the board building process, eliminating variables which negatively affect a board’s performance. Varial foam is 100% UV resistant and is always stingerless.; UV Resistant; Repels damaging rays from the sun and does not break down due to exposure; Quad Fin Setup; Brings max control and speed to directing the water to the end of the board and out the tail for the excellent acceleration.; Temperature Tolerant; Aerospace grade materials hold up in the sun and on hot summer days; Dual Deck Reinforcement; Extra laminate layers beef up the top of the deck to prevent dents and breakdowns.; Futures Fin Boxes; A solid base design allows for an excellent interface between fin and base; Infused Glass; Varial has developed a revolutionary vacuum bagged glassing product. The process, currently used to make large wind turbine blades and racing boat hulls, infuses polyester or epoxy resin into the fiberglass under vacuum pressure in one shot. This produces a uniform laminate with extremely low resin content, creating the ability to isolate and engineer specific characteristics into the skins of the surfboard to any desired performance attributes;

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