SCUBAPRO Exodry Drysuit, 4mm, Women

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The premium-plus Exodry offers a unique approach to drysuit design by fusing 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. This hybrid design is extremely effective, delivering minimal inherent buoyancy, maximum range of motion and an excellent sealing system. This comfortable suit comes with protective shoulder and knee panels, a plush interior lining, blue-style suspenders and much more. For 2019, updated semi-rigid dive boots feature new soft yet protective soles and include fin strap retainers and Velcro straps to improve fit while preventing air from shifting when diving in the heads-down position. The Exodry is a smart choice for all types of diving and can be used with or without an undersuit. Drysuit Type Neoprene | Thickness 4mm | Boot Type Attached Rubber Boots | Seal Material Latex | Weight 9.30571 lb | 4.221 kg | Storage Bag Yes | Number of Pockets 1 | Activity Recreational, Technical | UPC 4048336399050. ScubaPro Women's Exodry 4mm Drysuit in Black, 2018.