Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels 2020

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The Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels have a big fat contact patch for optimum cruisability, and a nice smooth feel to let you surf your way around town. Offset 2.5mm Momentum Core The Momentum Core is all about a smooth riding experience for midday missions or longer commutes. We gave the 38mm core a higher center ridge that allows the urethane to stay true to shape and effectively dampen bumpy rides without sacrificing speed or maneuverability on your daily journeys. Easyrider Series Arbor's Easyrider Series is designed to give a wide range of performance when cruising and carving. We shaped these wheels for a fun, around-town ride that lets you get creative while linking turns. The series comes with a variety of unique color options to play with when setting up custom completes. Venice Formula The Venice Formula is a cruiser focused blend that's designed to take on all the rough roads that might comes your way. No matter what kind of surface you're on, this soft, grippy formula gives the smooth sensation of cruising down the boardwalk. | Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels 2020