Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard Blem 2020

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Whether you're looking to stick your toe in the cable park's water for the first time or you're looking for a board that can handle heavy abuse, the Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard is a prime choice. Designed for cable and winch riding, it has a full wood core protected by a Urethane Sidewall allowing you to press and pop like never before. It's got an ultra-durable flat base that's begging to be slid across boxes, rails, and whatever else you can get enough speed to hit. *Please Note: This is a factory blem board and may have slight cosmetic imperfections.* M6 Inserts Urethane Sidewall Molded urethane flexes seamlessly with a wakeboard and bonds to top and base laminates for a fully bonded construction. Fully Machined Wood Core Sintered Enduro Base Hyperlite's Sintered Enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder. Flat Base Profile | Hyperlite Dipstick Wakeboard Blem 2020