Rad Runner Plus Review

Radrunner Plus Review

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus may just be the single best all around e-bike I’ve tested, since it can perform almost any task.

The radrunner plus takes everything I loved about rad power bikes original radrunner and tricks it out with all of the upgrades you could imagine, turning this into an awesome little electric utility bike.

If I could only choose one electric bike to do everything with this would be it, the radrunner plus, it is a truly a go everywhere and do everything e-bike.

It’s got a unique design and the right loadout to cover just so many different styles of riding and to fit so many different types of riders.

Radrunner Specifications

If we start with a quick look at the specs , we’ll find that it fits with the typical rad levels, meaning we’ve got a 750 watt motor in the rear wheel that is going to give us our 20 mile per hour (32 km) top speed.

There’s also a standard 674 watt hour rad battery like what you’ll find on most of their other e-bikes.

It gives you a range of around 25 to 45 miles (40 to  75km) depending on how you ride it and it’s easy to pop off and then lock back on for anyone who wants to take their battery inside for charging.

For anyone who charges inside of a garage you’ll probably never need to do this but it’s a nice option for people who live in an apartment or want to charge at work.

Radrunner Accessories

The bike comes with both a hand throttle and pedal assist and when it comes to actually using that pedal assist, one of the many upgrades that the radrunner plus offers over the base radrunner, it has a 7 speed Shimano transmission.

The rad runner is also one of the few moped style e-bikes that is actually comfortable to pedal,  that’s because Rad has designed a cool seat that offers both a typical long bench, if you lower it all the way down or an adjustable bike saddle, that allows longer legged riders to get a more appropriate leg extension.

This helps the bike fit short and tall riders equally well, speaking of that seat I also like how they matched the grips to the saddle. They call this color espresso which means it’s just brown but espresso does sound pretty cool.

The long bench saddle is part of the passenger kit that comes with the radrunner plus, this means you’ll also get the clear wheel protector and the foot pegs.

The bench is great for carrying a single adult rider behind you or you can do what I did and carry a pair of kids, in this case my two nephews.

The bench seat is even low enough that they can more or less hop on themselves.

Radrunner Upgrades

Continuing with the list of upgrades is a front suspension fork, something you won’t find on the base level rad runner.

Look if all you want to do is commute in smooth bike lanes then you might not need suspension, the big tires are not quite fat tires at 3.3 inches but they still offer lots of air volume and make for a nicer ride, but if you do travel on roads that are full of potholes or you want to do some more off-road style riding and maybe hit some light gravel trails then having that front suspension is a really nice addition.

Next we’ve got one more important upgrade to cover and that’s the display it’s not a huge deal since you don’t necessarily need a display like this but it’s nice to have the info front and center.

I also really like having an odometer because it’s just fun to see how many miles you put on the bike and when you start racking up thousands of miles you really get that sense of accomplishment.

Technically we are not even done with the upgrades, there are also other additions like the inclusion of those full fenders that make the bike

much neater in the rain or mud and keep you from slinging dirt and grime up onto you or your passengers or cargo then there’s that premium front headlight that comes with a removable rock guard and even has cutouts on the side for side visibility.

If you want to go nuts you can even spec out the bike with even more accessories there’s mountings all over the frame for additional accessories so you can add baskets and racks up front or in the middle console.

I’m obviously a fan of the rad runner plus I just think it’s so cool that it can be used for so many different types of riding and I think it’s quite  fairly priced too at seventeen hundred and ninety nine dollars.

That’s a five hundred dollar premium over the base rad runner but if you add up all the installed accessories you get close to that number anyways and then you have to factor in the added suspension and that seven speed transmission which you can’t even add as options on the base model.

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