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Black Diamond Apollo Lantern 2021 in Blue

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern 2021 in Blue


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evo.com | Black Diamond Lanterns > This little moon lander is a versatile in-camp lighting solution. Whether it’s light for cooking, a smokeless campfire, or hanging up in your tent, it’s got 225 lumens of glare-free power to share. And, you can charge portable electronics through its USB port, a lifesaver in certain situations. Powered by a rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery or 3 AA’s, the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern will keep the light shining. Collapsible Double-Hook Hang Loop Unique Dimming Switch Provides Adjustable Brightness Frosted Globe Produces Bright Ambient Light QuadPower LED 225 Lumens Internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (2,600 mA hour capacity) or 3 AA Batteries | Black Diamond Apollo Lantern 2021 in Blue


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