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BHA Forager (Color and Fabric: 420d Nylon Cedar Green)

BHA Forager (Color and Fabric: 420d Nylon Cedar Green)


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Its one thing to hike in 20 miles to get to the best hunting areas, but its an entirely different thing to try and pack out if you fill your tag. With large animals like moose and elk, a twenty mile pack out often isn’t a feasible option. But, if you have a Forager, all you need is a small creek or river to get back home quickly and comfortably. The Forager is light enough to backpack for two. Yet, it will comfortably carry hundreds of pounds of cargo. You can put all of your overnight gear inside the tubes with the XL Cargo Fly system while lashing full game bags to the top and front of the boat. The Forager is small enough to be comfortably paddled by one person when hunting large big game like moose and elk, but large enough to accomodate two paddlers for smaller animals like deer and sheep. Its also a perfect backcountry drift boat for fishing. Hike it in a few miles, down a steep canyon access where normal boats can’t go, tucking into small coastal rivers with lots of tree portages, or flying anywhere in the world. It truly opens up a whole new world of access possibilities for the backcountry hunter and angler. Due to the seating configuration, the Forager is best paddled with a canoe style paddle. However, it can be paddled by a single stern paddler with a kayak paddle so that the front paddler can fish, take pictures, make lunch, etc. We recommend the Aquabound Shred-Apart paddle with the Forager, with the 240cm version being preferred. 13.4lb | 6.10kg


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