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HO Sports 2018 Carbon Omni Slalom Waterski-67″

HO Sports 2018 Carbon Omni Slalom Waterski-67″

$630.00 $439.99



Most waterskiers don’t have a quiver of skis on the boat for every type of water condition. Nor so most waterskiers only ski the course. The HO Sports Omni is optimized for the skier who needs one ski to do everything. Developed for high versatility with added responsiveness, the Carbon Omni marries high performance aggressive skiing with the efficiency essential for open water skiing. Its carbon construction provides tip to tail stiffness for greater acceleration and enhanced performance and higher speeds. It’s also longitudinally stiffer for the more aggressive skier who demands more horsepower and increased response in pursuit of throwing the most spray. The Carbon Omni’s Flex-Frame works with the carbon to provide increased flexibility for the maneuverable feel of a traditional ski with the added speed and stability of a wider ski. This allows the ski to bend which creates tighter turns while the added width provides the stable platform skiers need. The Omni can be ridden at a wider range of speeds than most skis. Clean Edge Technology reduces drag 50% by allowing water to release cleanly off the bottom of the ski. This differs from conventional edges in that water wraps around the bevel, up the sidewall and releases off the upper edge creating suction. The Clean Edge bevel-less tail produces more acceleration with less skier input. In addition, the Omni has added stability by maintaining more bevel between the rear foot and fin. The result is a fast moving, highly efficient ski with the handling required for tight line turns. The Omni also features a SpeedSkin base, a fish-scale inspired, advanced laminar textured ski base that reduces drag and increases speed. If you are looking for one ski that can run the course as well as slice through open water with efficiency, the HO Omni Carbon is the ski for you.


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