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Radar 2017 Butter Knife (Coral/Fluorange) Women’s Waterski-65″

Radar 2017 Butter Knife (Coral/Fluorange) Women’s Waterski-65″

$300.00 $149.99



The Bent Vee series has revolutionized open water skiing. Width underfoot allows these skis to pop out of the water with ease. This, combined with a flat channel and grip rails, allows a ski with more surface area to perform like a much narrower and nimble ski. Radar’s Bent Vee collection will make you rethink what is possible on a wider ski. Take it for a ride. Ski SizeRecommended Weight 65″ Up to 160 Lbs. 67″ 130 Lbs.-190 Lbs. 69″ 175 Lbs.-230 Lbs. 71″ Over 200 Lbs.


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