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Radar 2018 Vapor Lithium Waterski-63.5″

Radar 2018 Vapor Lithium Waterski-63.5″

$1,300.00 $779.99



Chris Rossi set out to recreate Radar’s new flagship water ski with a stated goal; to design a ski that carried more speed and generated better angle than anything on the market.Rounder bevels allow the ski to roll edge-to-edge quicker, ultimately sending you into the buoy earlier than ever before. A new concave gives the ski more support in the turn, yielding tight, powerful turns that seem automatic. The final piece of the puzzle is Radar’s new rocker profile featuring a contact point that is closer to your feet to makes the ski stay level throughout your entire pass. This increases speed behind the boat and allows you to carry this speed through the turn. The new Vapor is undoubtedly Radar’s best ski yet. Give it a rip. SizeSurface AreaMax. WidthSuggested Max. SpeedTerrainRecommended Weight 63.5″ 336.21 sq in. 6.739″ 36 mph Course 85 Lbs.-120 Lbs./38 kg-54 kg 65″ 344.156 sq in. 6.739″ 36 mph Course 110 Lbs.-145 Lbs./49 kg-65 kg 66″ 354.088 sq in. 6.842″ 36 mph Course 125 Lbs.-180 Lbs./56 kg-81 kg 67″ 365.661 sq in. 6.946″ 36 mph Course 160 Lbs.-200 Lbs./73 kg-91 kg 68″ 376.658 sq in. 7.050″ 36 mph Course 180 Lbs.-220 Lbs./82 kg-100 kg 69.5″ 393.458 sq in. 7.205″ 36 mph Course 200+ Lbs./90+ kg


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