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Connelly 2021 Reverb Wakeboard

Connelly 2021 Reverb Wakeboard




The Reverb has turned into the unofficial Connelly team board. This shape has the ability to work with any riding style, whether its super technical or laid back and stylish. The deep center channel sets you slightly lower in the water, increasing edge hold while carving into the wake. A subtle 3-stage rocker provides pop off the lip of the wake. The full-length center spine, combined with variable rocker lines, makes hard, flat landings easier to set down.LengthCenter WidthTip/Tail WidthRocker HeightRider Weight131 cm16.62″10.67″2.47″130 Lbs. or Less136 cm16.85″10.70″2.49″150 Lbs. or Less141 cm17.05″10.83″2.57″140 Lbs. and Up146 cm17.05″10.83″2.65″160 Lbs. and Up


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