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Connelly 2021 Steel Wakeboard

Connelly 2021 Steel Wakeboard




When Steel Lafferty isn’t golfing over alligators or performing a blindfolded triple backflip off an elite team of bald eagles to catch a football with one hand tied behind his back, he likes to relax with a set on his pro model wakeboard. OK, you’re right, watching Steel ride doesn’t really evoke the word “relax.” In fact, it can feel like he’s taking you with him, into the 3rd roller of a meaty double-up. And…if you asked him what board you should ride to charge into a wake of any size, we’re pretty sure he’d tell you to get on a Connelly Steel.LengthCenter WidthTip/Tail WidthRocker HeightRider Weight136 cm16.85″10.7″2.49″150 Lbs. or Less141 cm17.05″10.83″2.57″140 Lbs. and Up


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