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Connelly 2021 Bentley Wakesurfer

Connelly 2021 Bentley Wakesurfer




Thermo Shell combines compression molded durability with the lightweight, high-performance capabilities of an epoxy board. Shaped using a hybrid skim/surf design the Bentley is fast and maneuverable, outperforming boards that are twice the cost. Twin 3.6” flat foil fins provides grip and drive while on edge but can still break free off the lip.LengthWidthVolumeRocker HeightRider Weight4′ 4″21.85″12.9 L2.00″/0.20″180 Lbs. or Less4′ 9″22.30″14.4 L2.20″/0.20″200 Lbs. or Less5′ 0″22.60″15.3 L2.20″/0.20″180 Lbs. and Up


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