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Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board 2020

Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board 2020


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evo.com | Connelly Wakesurf Boards > It’s hard to beat the ride of a solid fish design. The Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board has the ability to hold a strong edge while carving with an incredibly stable drive on the wave for that classic surf feel. The swallow shaped tail acts as two separate tails on the same board helping the board to get from edge to edge with less effort for more turns and more fun. Liven things up and hop on the Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board. Surf Style Surf styles use a multitude of rail shapes, board outlines, and fin setups to accommodate different riding styles and skill levels. There’s more than one way to ride a wave and Connelly recommends trying them all. Twin FCS 3.6″ Fins 1 Piece EVA Pad Epoxy Construction 4’8″ Size Rocker Height: 2.60″/0.50″ | Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board 2020


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