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Hyperlite Source Wakeboard 2021 – 143

Hyperlite Source Wakeboard 2021 – 143




evo.com | Hyperlite Wakeboards > The Hyperlite Source Wakeboard has got more pop than an East Coast soda shop. It’s got more bounce than a basketball. One day on the boat with this bad boy and you’ll call up your wireless carrier and switch to Boost Mobile. The Source shows you what blended 3-stage rocker is all about, giving you the ability to send little baby wakes to the frikin’ moon, while providing a wider platform for advanced riders to stomp, carve, and slash to their hearts content, all while still being forgiving enough for less experienced riders to have a good time. But don’t take our word for it. Go straight to the Source. Biolite 3 Core The secret recipe HL has been perfecting since day one. This core is the gold standard in the industry and used throughout the line. Bio 3 is HL’s lightest and most durable formula to date. Sized Up Philosophy Advances in board construction have reduced boards’ overall weight, keeping swing weight at a minimum. Combined with the wake size of today, this evolution means it’s time to ride a larger board delivering more pop and airtime and more stable and secure landings. Single Concave Base Design M6 Inserts .8″ P-Wing 4-Pack P-Wing Fins are shaped with a rounded tail offering a looser feel. These fins come standard on most Hyperlite wakeboards. | Hyperlite Source Wakeboard 2021 – 143


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