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Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2020


evo.com | Ronix Wakeboards > Don’t trap your potential to have a blast on the water – unlock it with the Ronix Vault Wakeboard. This newcomer-friendly board is designed with a confidence-inspiring asymmetrical rail line that makes cutting and carving a breeze. A 3-stage rocker design helps give you that extra boost to get you launching off the wake in no time. Two glass fins and a low friction base allow the Ronix Vault Wakeboard to be an approachable package for any rider. G&R Channels Grip and Release Channels have all the traction you need for riding behind a boat or for cable riding without causing unneeded resistance with the water. Designed By Mike Ferraro Asymmetrical Rail Design Thinner sharper toeside rail with a fuller vertical heelside rail. An asymmetrical design improves toeside and heelside maneuverability for easier carving. 2 Fiberglass 1.7″ Hook Fins Low Friction Base Developed for the most glide speed in high-end boat boards. | Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2020


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