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Slingshot Water Gunn Wakeboard

Slingshot Water Gunn Wakeboard

$549.00 $395.95




The Water Gunn is an upgraded version of our ever popular Terrain, featuring carbon reinforcement throughout the belly of the board to help guys like Aaron Gunn ride away from huge drops off the back side of the kickers. This deck is of course a beast on the rails, but with the upgraded ability to charge the kickers and ride away clean whether it be a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 you’re working on, or in Aaron’s case, a 3-2-7. Regardless of how the math works out up there, the Water Gunn has you covered when it’s time to come down to the surface. Singleshot Fusion Sidewall Carbon Stringer Soft Flex Pattern Carbon Bedrock Inserts Atomic Wood Core Ballistic Base Park / Flex / Tech Art By: Wesley Mark Jacobsen


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