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Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard 2021 – 149

Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard 2021 – 149




evo.com | Slingshot Wakeboards > The Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard is a seasoned cable rider’s dream ride. With a springy wood core, a super fast and poppy hybrid rocker profile, and the supremely pressable Flex Tips for all your buttering pleasures, the Windsor does it all in the park. Add in four bolt-on fins for bite and edge control when you want it, and it’s easy to see why this board is a fan favorite among serious shredders year after year. Edge Enhancers Bolt on fins give riders the bite they need for holding an edge up the wake and added stability on landings down the endless liquid tabletops. Just don | Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard 2021 – 149


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