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Ride Engine 2019 Felix (Black) Impact Vest

Ride Engine 2019 Felix (Black) Impact Vest

$120.00 $44.99



The Felix vest was born out of the desire for a thinner, more flexible impact vest than any other in the Ride Engine lineup. With 1.5 mm of neoprene throughout the vest, it houses 11 individual pieces of ultra-thin foam to provide flotation, protect against impact and keep the rider feeling as agile as possible. If you’re lucky, you may even win the X-Games in this vest, just like Felix! Ride Engine also picked the longer length to keep you looking tough on the dock and avoid all conversations about “inny” vs. “outty” belly buttons – a common topic in the world of Felix before the invention of his pro model vest.WARNING: This wake vest IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.


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