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Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle 2021 in Purple

Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle 2021 in Purple


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evo.com | Leatt Goggles > The Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle really is bulletproof: its lens meets impact standards meant for fighter pilot visors. Now, if literal bullets are a concern while riding your mountain bike, we’d suggest you get out of there now and take up a new hobby! But if it’s sticks, dust, or rocks trying to bash into your eyes, then knowing these can handle an actual bullet will give you some peace of mind. The lenses are great, and the rest of these goggles are on the same program. They’re comfortable, durable, and breathe well. Bam! Dual-layer, Anti-sweat Face Foam Bulletproof 170 | Leatt Velocity 4.5 Goggle 2021 in Purple


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