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Zeal Portal X-Large Goggles 2021

Zeal Portal X-Large Goggles 2021

$249.00 $125.99


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evo.com | Zeal Goggles > The regular movie theater never feels the same after an IMAX viewing. That’s how it feels switching to regular lenses after wearing the Zeal Portal XL Goggles, thanks to a rimless frame design that guarantees unparalleled peripheral vision. Built tough to prevent scratches, fog, and condensation, the view never gets old and it never gets worse. Zeal’s Rail Lock System makes for supremely efficient lens-swapping, and if you wear glasses these puppies will fit right over. When you’re ready to see the mountains in all their glory, look through the Zeal Portal XL Goggles. Permashield Hardcoat Zeal lenses are equipped with the toughest hard coat around to battle scratches and scuffs. Triple-Layer Face Foam Uber-soft micro-fleece greets your face, as two layers of increasingly dense padding lets you focus on winter fun. Dual Strap Adjustment Comfort and adjustability are key components to fit. Zeal’s Dual Strap system allows you to find the perfect placement for your ideal goggle position. Impact Resistant Frame Rail Lock System With Rail Lock System, align your lens with the frame | Zeal Portal X-Large Goggles 2021


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