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Nordica Speed Machine 85 Ski Boots | Women’s | Size 23.5

Nordica Speed Machine 85 Ski Boots | Women’s | Size 23.5


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Nordica Speed Machine 85 Ski Boots – Women ‘s: The Speedmachine 85 W delivers top of the line all mountain performance, regardless of the conditions. With its fully customizable Infrared Tri-Force shell, precision fit liner, anatomical women ‘s cuff and liner design and Primaloft (R) insulation the Speedmachine delivers high performance and precision without sacrificing comfort and warmth. This boot was built to bring your skiing to the next level. Powerful, comfortable and fun. TECHNOLOGIES INFRARED TECHNOLOGY TRI FORCE SHELL CONSTRUCTION PRIMALOFT (R) WEATHER SHIELD ADJUSTABLE CUFF PROFILE -TRI FORCE SHELL CONSTRUCTION The combination of three different plastics offers maximum power with comfort and easy entry to the ski boot. Lightweight athletic equipment is fundamentally important, so we ‘ve devolved a whole new lightweight shell, specific to the challenges associated with a products this light. The Tri-Force Frame design is a remarkable concept, using an anatomical shell design that channels energy through the body of the boot to the edges of your skis. It allows nimble and precise movements while critically maintaining the highest level of comfort. -TRI FORCE SHELL CONSTRUCTION (BENEFITS) Increases comfort without sacraficing power Light weight Easy on and off -INFRARED TECHNOLOGY Fast and Easy Ski Boot Customization The true key in creating a custom boot design is not whether you can manipulate the natural form of a boots shell but rather, to create a boot design that can easily and effectively deliver the proper level of modifications, in critical areas, that will benefit not only the fit of the boot but will also enhance its on snow performance and feel. For this reason we developed our Infrared Heating Element and our Tri-Force shell. We saw the need to create a boot design and a customization technology that would work together to deliver the perfect amount of customization, only to areas of the shell where it ‘s needed. We also saw the need to create a system that was accurate and easy to use, saving time and eliminating mistakes. The key component in achieving this is the Infrared Heating lamp, heating the plastic of the boot quickly from the inside out, at a right temperature. This allows the boot to remain undamaged by the heating element and for the customization to take a permanently defined shape. -INFRARED TECHNOLOGY (BENEFITS) Precise Custom Fit Releaves pressure from sensative areas & bunions -PRIMALOFT (R) Breathable insulation that keeps your feet warm and dry -PRIMALOFT (R) (BENEFITS) Warm Water resistant Lightweight Made from 55% post-consumer recycled content -WEATHER SHIELD Waterproof textile prevents water and snow from entering the boot. -WEATHER SHIELD (BENEFITS) Keeps feet dry Keeps feet warm Nordica Speed Machine 85 Ski Boots | Women’s | Size 23.5

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