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Salomon X Access 90 Wide Ski Boots

Salomon X Access 90 Wide Ski Boots


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Designed to combine a generous 104mm last and Flex Liner, this boot is the reference for merging performance with a comfortable fit that suits all your recreational skiing needs. It’s also easy to step in and lightweight, so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable, hard to put on boots forever! Twinframe: Thanks to its bi-material construction of the Twinframe design, the hard chassis part delivers power transmission and precision, while the softer upper part offers better rebound and wrapping. Flex liner: Liner specifically designed with flex areas around the calf and ankles for optimized comfort. Calf adjuster: The Calf Adjuster offers a higher and wider calf perimeter capacity, fitting all leg shapes easily and quickly. Polyolefin: A more durable material, which also provides lightness and stability. Flex sport+: Liner specifically designed with flex areas around the calf and ankles for optimized comfort. 360° 35mm: A 35mm strap to hold the foot securely and optimize power transmission. Alpine premounted ISO 5355: Alpine pads are premounted and compatible with ISO 9462 alpine bindings. 4 screwed aluminium: Four screwable buckles that are easy to remove for bootfitting and repair purposes. Riveted oversized pivot: The Riveted Oversized Pivot ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell. Alpine Boot last: 104 Strap: 360° 35MM Weight: 1780 g Techno: Alpine pads Franchise: X ACCESS Norm: Alpine Tech inserts: No Width: Wide Flex: 90

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