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Women’s Nordica HF 85 W Ski Boots 2022 – 23.5 in Black

Women’s Nordica HF 85 W Ski Boots 2022 – 23.5 in Black


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evo.com | Nordica Alpine Ski Boots > No, you haven’t time-traveled back to 1985; rear-entry boots are back and they’re better than ever. Designed from the ground up for the modern age, the Nordica HF 85 W Ski Boots combine unrivaled comfort, convenience and ease of use with a Double Axis Pivot system that ensures the skiing is a blast, too. Getting in and out of the boot is a piece of cake, with an intuitive hands free monolock buckle that can be opened and closed without having to bend down. If you have mobility issues, trouble getting in and out of your boots, or simply want to wave goodbye to the morning parking lot struggle, step into the Nordica HF 85 W Ski Boots and ski happy. GripWalk Soles GripWalk soles for extra grip, traction, and stability where you need it. Last: 102mm Medium wide last for wider than average or higher volume feet. Hands Free Closure System Incorporating an all new monolock buckle, hands free closure has never been so intuitive. Push the buckle down with your foot or pole and you’re done. At the end of the day, you can use your pole to open the back buckle while you remain standing. 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Liner Nordica’s innovative development team has reengineered the old rear-entry boot providing it with a modern shell and closure, allowing them to equip the boot with their premium cork liner. The all new anatomical hands-free one-piece liner has a larger throat opening than a traditional boot,providing all the comfort and performance you can dream of. Double Axis Pivot The cuff and shell are specially designed to provide the perfect closure, and the alignment between the two gives unmatched lateral support for immediate ski response. This means easier turns, more stability and more fun. | Women’s Nordica HF 85 W Ski Boots 2022 – 23.5 in Black


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