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Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick Snowboard 2021 – 154

Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick Snowboard 2021 – 154

$419.99 $377.99



evo.com | Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards > You can leave the snow dances, prayers to Norse gods, and weird incantations sung by the light of the midnight moon to those with lesser boards in their quiver. Such trivialities are unnecessary for anyone packing the Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick Snowboard. Sure, if there’s powder you’re in for some heavy action, but this deck is built to leave you equally stoked no matter what happens. It combines a smooth, even flex with a blended Crossbreed Camber profile that gives you little camber where you need it, and a little rocker where you want it. Perfect for getting loose and sniping side hits, the Wizard Stick is a one way ticket to the endorphin superhighway. Flex Rating 6 (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) 2×4 Insert Pattern 3Xtruded Base A denser than average extruded base that rivals most sintered bases on the market. It requires less waxing and is easy to fix if damaged by nicks and scrapes. Poplar Core with Birch Stringers The benchmark standard in cores. Directional Twin A longer nose than tail, with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points. | Dinosaurs Will Die Wizard Stick Snowboard 2021 – 154


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