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Women’s Jones Twin Sister Snowboard 2022 – 143

Women’s Jones Twin Sister Snowboard 2022 – 143


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evo.com | Jones Snowboards > When people inevitably ask if your board is the evil twin (yawn), you can say “hell NO!”. The Jones Twin Sister Snowboard is the super fun and playful one that knows how to have a blast no matter what the day throws at you. As the most freestyle-oriented board in Jones’ lineup, it’s the perfect ride for side hit jibbing, switch riding gals who love to take the most creative line down the mountain. 2 x 4 Insert Pattern Bio Resin All Jones boards are now built with bio-based, renewable epoxy instead of petroleum based epoxy. The raw materials used to make Super Sap Bio-Resin are co-products or waste products of other plant-based industrial processes. Producing Super Sap requires 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional epoxy. 3D Contour Base 2.0 Moderate 3D-base contours featuring an even balance of 4mm spoon bevel in the nose and 4mm spoon bevel in the tail. Spoon bevel starts at the rocker point. Twin Flex Pattern Sintered 8000 Base New super durable material made from Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene and carbon. | Women’s Jones Twin Sister Snowboard 2022 – 143


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