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Rome Uprise Splitboard 2021 – 162 | Bamboo

Rome Uprise Splitboard 2021 – 162 | Bamboo




evo.com | Rome Splitboards > Standing in line at the resort gives you plenty of time to ponder your situation. What if there was another path, a road less travelled? Well, friend, you’re in for a treat. The Rome Uprise Splitboard is built to feed your habit without having to deal with the crowds at the resort. Crafted with Bamboo HotRods and Rome’s versatile Free-the-Ride Camber profile, this split offers handles the skin track with ease and slays when you point it down. Problem solved. Bamboo HotRods Two bamboo HotRods in the board | Rome Uprise Splitboard 2021 – 162 | Bamboo


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